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“Before the program, I wasn’t experienced in the working world. I am now a production assistant consistently working, learning every day, climbing the career ladder and improving my life, financially and spiritually. BWI gave me that chance and I am forever thankful.”

-Wei Yang, ‘Made in NY’ PA Training Program Graduate

The “Made in NY” Production Assistant (PA) Training Program is a free skills training program that serves low-income New Yorkers with barriers to employment and leads to jobs in the dynamic New York City film and television industry. We partner with the New York City Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment to deliver the program. No previous production experience is required – we’re looking for individuals that are ready to learn and eager to work.


“Made in NY” PA Program trainees are unemployed or underemployed New Yorkers who have faced significant barriers launching their careers. We screen hundreds of applicants each year for about 80 training slots, so please be sure to read our Apply page in detail to make sure you’re a good fit before attending an Information Session. Many applicants fall outside of our target populations, particularly when they have bachelor’s degrees or paid industry experience.

Graduates of the program always show up at their call times, understand set etiquette, have the core skills needed for work on-set, and are ready to work hard. If you are interested in hiring a PA, please call our 24/7 PA hotline at 718-757-5816 or visit our Hire page.


The training course is five weeks long, full-time, with homework and occasional evening sessions. The “Made in NY” PA Training Program’s base of operations is the Brooklyn Navy Yard, but we occasionally hold training elsewhere in the city. Following the training course, participants join our alumni network and receive two years of job placement assistance, career counseling and support as they work their way up the ladder.

All BWI training programs are offered free of charge. However, trainees must be able to cover their personal expenses during the training and job search; we are unable to provide stipends.


Graduates are placed into jobs as Production Assistants (PAs) on set and on location for film, television, commercial, and music video productions, where they provide support to the rest of the crew. PAs often:

  • drive crew to and from set
  • pick up equipment
  • purchase production supplies
  • perform “lockup” so that pedestrians don’t walk onto the film set

Almost everyone in the industry starts out as a PA. After working for three to four years to gain experience and connections, graduates often move up into more skilled positions in specific crew departments.

The “Made in NY” PA Training Program family includes hundreds of alumni, employers, instructors and industry friends committed to our graduates’ success.