BWI’s programs are highly competitive. We choose individuals who demonstrate outstanding motivation, commitment, and financial need. By the end of a training cycle, graduates have a firm grasp of the basics of their chosen industry and have hands-on experience in real work environments. Our instructors use the experience they have from the field to inform their lectures and provide the most practical advice. At the same time, our graduates are learning how to be strong employees. They must learn to handle all equipment professionally and safely, and they must be on time. That’s why a BWI graduate is a great addition to your business.

Red Hook on the Road

Red Hook on the Road graduates hold Class B, Class BP, or Class BPS New York State commercial driver’s licenses. They have clean driver’s abstracts and behind-the-wheel experience.

“Made in NY” PA Training Program

“Made in NY” PA Trainees receive over 160 hours of classroom and field training that is directly relevant and immediately applicable to working as a Production Assistant, on set or in the production office. All of our PA training program graduates are licensed drivers. The four week full-time training curriculum is taught by industry professionals, and includes work on actual productions.

Brooklyn Woods

Brooklyn Woods graduates go through a seven-week, full-time training process they are required to treat with the same respect as employment. In that time, graduates learn essential and required skills for work in woodworking. Skills such as safely operating tools and woodworking machinery, and experience working with solid and man-made materials.

Brooklyn Networks

Brooklyn Networks graduates are trained in a custom-built lab located at New York City Technical College. Seasoned telecommunications professionals teach the course, providing both technical expertise and a “real-world” atmosphere throughout the training.  To receive their BICSI certification, students must pass rigorous written and hands-on examinations.

“Made in NY” Post Production Training Program

This new program supports the growth of New York City-based post production businesses by training New Yorkers for entry-level positions in animation, editing, graphic design, motion graphics, and visual effects.

Brooklyn Workforce Collaboration

The Brooklyn Workforce Collaboration is bringing high-quality job training to the industrial Brooklyn waterfront. Graduates have a set of skills tailored to your business, which increases their productivity and reduces turnover. We can train local residents for jobs ranging from construction to office support at no cost to you. Employers make the final hiring decisions when it comes to our pool of skilled graduates.