“Growing up where I grew up, people simply don’t get these opportunities. At that point in my life, I needed it.”

KASHMERE “Made in NY” PA and Post Production Training Graduate

Kashmere knew she was ready for a change. “I didn’t want to work at the supermarket anymore,” she says, recalling when she had to help support her mother in Harlem with just a minimum wage job.

When she found BWI, everything changed. She completed the “Made in NY” Production Assistant Training Program and freelanced as a PA before securing a staff position at a TV network. But something still wasn’t clicking, and she lost her confidence that she’d chosen the right field. Then she received an email about BWI’s new Post Production Training Program. “It was like the skies opened up,” she said.

Before long, Kashmere was offered a job as a Post PA for the show Happy. From there, she was promoted to Post Coordinator. For next season, she’s got her eye on an Assistant Editor position.

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“I came to New York without a map to live. Brooklyn Woods gave me that map, and the key to read it.”

MOHAMED Brooklyn Woods Graduate

After Mohamed lost his wife of nine years to cancer, he knew he’d have to make sacrifices to care for his two young sons. He shut down his small business and left Egypt for New York City. Eventually he found work, but it wasn’t stable. Finding himself unemployed again, Mohamed applied to Brooklyn Woods.

During training, Mohamed woke up at 4 AM every day to catch the bus from his home in Queens and take the F train 28 stops. It paid off. After graduating, he was hired at the Brooklyn Woods shop, and then applied for a selective paid apprenticeship program. Of more than 300 applicants, Mohamed was one of 15 accepted.

Now, Mohamed works at a company he loves, where he operates a CNC machine. He’s remarried, and has made a new home for his sons here in the US.

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“At RHOR, they saw something in me. They didn’t say ‘She’s not good enough.'”

CRISTINA Red Hook on the Road Graduate

In the past, Cristina described herself as “jumping from job to job.” She’d been a single mom since age 16 and didn’t have her high school diploma. She couldn’t afford to go back to school.

Working at a community center, Cristina found herself chatting with the bus drivers there. They made good livings and seemed to like what they did. That was what Cristina wanted for herself, so she started studying to take her CDL exam. But when she looked up how much it would cost, it suddenly felt far out of reach.

That is, until she found a Red Hook on the Road flyer at her daughter’s daycare. The day after Cristina’s graduation, she was hired to drive a bus transporting adults with special needs. Today, Cristina supports her four children without stressing over bills, and she feels independent and proud.

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“If you could see where I was and where I am now, it’s completely different.”

JOSH Brooklyn Networks Graduate

It wasn’t easy when Josh moved to Brooklyn from Nigeria in 2014. After a long job search, he found a position as a cashier at a restaurant, earning minimum wage. He had bigger plans for himself and his family, though. One day, he came across a BWI flyer. Once Brooklyn Networks caught his eye, Josh wasted no time.

He obtained his driver’s license through New York Drives and then moved on to BWI’s training in low-voltage cabling, which earned him his BICSI certification. One week after graduation, he landed a job, and today, Josh works as a cybersecurity engineer. He’s doing the kind of work he always wanted to do, and he’s providing for his two children, ages 3 and 1.

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