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“This experience has helped me realize my personal value. The quality of my family’s life has improved, and it just keeps getting better.”

FANGFANG Red Hook on the Road Graduate

Fangfang’s journey to becoming a school bus driver for children with special needs has been difficult: she emigrated from China and became a New Yorker, an English speaker, and a mother in the last five years alone. Her new family struggled to get on their feet, and she knew she needed a good job, but she couldn’t find formal work. Then she discovered Red Hook on the Road and the pre-training program that BWI offers to English language learners. Fangfang thrived in BWI’s commercial driving program and quickly got a well-paying union job. Now, she says her future, and her family’s future, is bright.

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“I’m in a place now where I don’t regret my past. Instead, I’m proud of how far I’ve come.”

CARTIER "Made in NY" Production Assistant Graduate

Cartier grew up in a crowded two-bedroom apartment in NYC, surrounded by her Haitian family. At 16, she was arrested for the first time. This began a years-long cycle of returning to the streets and going to jail. In 2020, Cartier was living in a shelter, but her criminal record and the shelter’s strict curfews made finding work very challenging. Cartier enrolled in the “Made in NY” PA program, excited to work and gain credibility and stability as an artist. Now, Cartier is working consistently as a production assistant with a goal of becoming a Director of Photography.

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“Now that I’m working, I can send money to my daughter for college. I don’t see a limitation at this point, with me. I can do more now.”

MELVIN Brooklyn Networks Graduate

It took Melvin months to work up the courage to apply for BWI’s Brooklyn Networks program, but he’s so glad he did. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Melvin found himself incarcerated on Riker’s Island several years ago. While he was released early on good behavior, he had nowhere to go, living in a van and then in a shelter. “I didn’t feel like I was part of society anymore”. BWI not only gave Melivn new skills, but the support and confidence to start over. After training, Melvin started a new career in construction cabling and is able to do things he’s always wanted to do.

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