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“Training was rigorous but fun! I bonded with my cyclemates and many of us are still in contact. We look out for each other by fielding each other gigs and encouraging one another via group chat. The most difficult part was learning so much info in such a short span of time. Four weeks flew by so quickly!”

– Nicole, “Made in NY” PA Training Program Graduate

We can help you access your potential in the film and television industry, but there are a few things you should know about work as a Production Assistant first (we talk more about these in our regularly-scheduled information sessions).

  • Long (12 to 16 hour) days, often starting early in the morning
  • Physical labor, on your feet
  • Outdoor work in all weather
  • Freelance work – working day to day, and project to project; most jobs will not include benefits and the work schedule is not typically known in advance
  • Pay rates of about $100-$200/day

Applying is a highly competitive process; the following are our core eligibility requirements:

  • At least 18 years old
  • Have a valid Driver’s License (check out our New York Drives program if you do not have a license). Interested individuals without a driver’s license are welcome to attend an “Made in NY” information session to learn more about the “Made in NY” PA Program
  • Current New York City resident, living within one of the five boroughs of NYC and able to prove residency for at least six months
  • Unemployed, low income or receiving public assistance, and come from a low-income background
  • Legally eligible to work in the U.S
  • Available full-time and able to attend training Monday through Friday: 7:30am-6pm
  • Able to make a two-year commitment to working in the industry
  • Available to work freelance, on-call 12/14+ hours per day in TV/Film production after graduation

This program requires a two-year commitment to developing your career in TV/film production. Please do not apply if you are employed full-time, enrolled in school, or plan to enroll in school in the next two years. This program is specifically funded to help individuals from low-income backgrounds who do not have significant experience in – or access to – this industry. You are not eligible for this program if you have more than 2 years of paid media, radio, print, production, post production or theater experience; you have supervised production assistants (paid or unpaid); or you have a Master’s or Doctorate degree.


Are you ready to work hard, gain industry experience, and make your mark? Attend an information session to fill out an application and meet with program staff to learn more about the program. A limited number of training spots are available. Applications are accepted year round on a first-come first-serve basis, and training classes are held at least four times a year. Attend an information session to receive detailed information regarding training dates.