Sunset Park Bridge Program

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If you want to earn your Commercial Driver’s License with Red Hook on the Road or get certified in cable installation with Brooklyn Networks, strong English language skills are one key to success. Both of these programs involve industry-specific vocabulary and exams that use English words and phrases you don’t see in a typical ESOL class.

For applicants who want to hone their English language skills so they can start a new career, the Sunset Park Bridge Program can help them get started. Then, applicants move on to their career training program.


The Sunset Park Bridge to commercial driver training is a 4-week program followed by 4 weeks of training with Red Hook on the Road. Trainees receive English language instruction, permit prep, pre-trip inspection prep, and more.

The Sunset Park Bridge to cable installation training is a 3-week program followed by 6 weeks of training with Brooklyn Networks. Trainees receive English language instruction, build reading comprehension and basic math skills, and more.

Both courses offer additional tutoring throughout occupational training as needed. The classroom experience is intended to be supportive and non-intimidating. Like all BWI programs, these trainings are offered free of charge.


The Sunset Park Bridge Program serves low-income non-native English speakers. Applicants don’t have to be citizens, just New York City residents who are legally eligible to work in the US.

The ideal applicant already has conversational-level English skills, but is looking to expand them and learn industry-specific vocabulary before moving on to their career training with either Red Hook on the Road or Brooklyn Networks. Applicants should have a strong interest in working as a commercial driver or a cable technician.

You can find additional eligibility requirements for Red Hook on the Road here and for Brooklyn Networks here.


For those interested in Red Hook on the Road, call 929-732-1021 to schedule an info session. At your info session, you’ll be able to learn more and apply for the program.

For those interested in Brooklyn Networks, attend a regular Brooklyn Networks info session. There, you can learn more about the program and get connected with the Sunset Park Bridge Program.