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“New York Drives is like a home away from home. They invest their time in you and push you to your potential and beyond.”

– Lloyd, New York Drives and Brooklyn Networks Graduate

New York Drives represents the first step on a path to a career, particularly for young adults, women and recipients of public benefits who need a driver’s license to access training and a job.


New York Drives provides training and driver’s license access to low-income individuals who have barriers to employment. We welcome all low-income New Yorkers to attend an Information Session, and we particularly encourage young adults (ages 18-24), women, and residents of very low income communities such as Red Hook and Brownsville to apply.

All New York Drives trainees plan to enroll in one of four of BWI’s advanced training programs, followed by careers in film and television production, low-voltage cabling, woodworking, or the security field. Applying to New York Drives is competitive; we screen hundreds of applicants each year for about 75 training slots, so please read our Apply page in detail to make sure you’re a good fit before attending an Information Session.

New York Drives offers direct job placement for Security Guards for firms throughout the five boroughs. Graduates of the program are ready to work hard, show up on time, and stick with their new careers long-term. If you are interested in hiring Security Guards, please visit our Hire page.


New York Drives is a pre-training program that helps people access the core skills and the Driver’s License they need to begin their path to a career. New York Drives is six weeks long, with the first three weeks focusing on strengthening students’ professional development skills, and the last three weeks dedicated to driving lessons. After successfully passing their road test, graduates enroll into one of BWI’s sector-based training programs leading to skilled employment, or are placed directly into a job. Once a year, New York Drives offers security guard training where graduates obtain their security guard certificates in addition to a driver’s license. All of BWI’s programs include two years of job placement assistance, and trainees receive ongoing support to access public benefits, as well as legal and financial coaching.

All BWI training programs are offered free of charge. However, trainees must be able to cover their personal expenses during the training and job search; we are unable to provide stipends.


After obtaining their New York State Driver’s License, graduates are connected with one of BWI’s advanced sector-based training programs: